7 Things That Could Get In The Way of Proper Printing

Printers are something which you absolutely cannot do without these days. A lot of the documents you need are in the printed format, and to get hard copies of these, you need a well-functioning printer at the very least. Despite the quirks which they exhibit, printers are here to stay. Following are some of the problems which you see printers serving up every now and then, along with their fixes (which you can do yourself or have a tech support rep do for you).

Printing Proceeding Too Slowly

Printing Proceeding Too Slowly

If your printer does not print as fast as it normally should, then the first thing you need to do is cut the print quality. Not only does this speed up things, it also spares you too much expense on ink. Printer settings can differ based on model, but on Windows, you can move forward by doing the following things: Go to Print and Properties, and then look around for the setting which lets you reduce print quality. For example, HP Photosmart 8450 gives you the option to switch between Fast Draft and Normal. Another way to speed up printing is by printing without any graphic whatsoever; adding RAM to the printer can work just as well, but that may not be possible in all cases.

Toner or Ink Costing Too Much

The printing industry has a ton of sneaky practices up its sleeve, in that manufacturers will try almost anything to keep you coming back for more products. You just might get a dirt-cheap printer that performs well, but the consumables it demands later on would more than break your wallet in the long run. Third-party cartridges are not any better either, and would almost certainly fail to give you the kind of printing performance you were looking for. The best way to fix this is with higher-capacity cartridges, which work really well in this respect, especially if you happen to print a lot. You should try getting an ink cartridge with a yield of 250-plus pages, or a toner cartridge with a yield of 2,000-plus pages.

Windows Sending print Jobs to the Wrong Machine

Windows sometimes works in mysterious ways, and one of the things it gets wrong in the meantime is the default printer. The latter is supposed to be the printer which gets all print jobs sent to it. The glitch can be resolved by going to the Start menu, picking Devices and Printers, and then from below Printers and Faxes, selecting the proper printer and choosing Set as default printer. Earlier versions of the OS may have this laid out differently, but a few adjustments to these steps should see you through just fine.

Prints Come Out Spotty, Light, or with Horizontal Lines

This, as well as instance where you have the printer printing blank pages, usually traces back to a clogged printer head, which is almost a given if you make use of an inkjet regularly and without much care. Go to the Start menu in Windows and choose Devices and Printers, and find the utility app for your printer. That app should guide you by laying out subsequent steps to take from there, and if not, you can always call us for assistance.

The Printer Saying Its Ink Cartridge Is Empty When It Clearly Is Not

The Printer Looking Awful

Alerts showing out-of-ink messages can be very unreliable, but with that said, there are several ways you can maneuver around the controls for your ink cartridge. Not all of these would work with your printer of course, but some are definitely worth a shot. With a few well –placed steps, you should be able to “revive” a supposedly out-of-ink cartridge and get it back to working fine. Again, if the steps you find online are confusing, we can help you through them well enough that you never break a sweat.

Wireless Printing Going Too Slow

If you find your network printer not printing for some reason and it happens to be connected to the PC via Wi-Fi, you may want to consider setting up a cable connection so that such snags

do not waylay printing operations. Wi-Fi is a kind of technology where the speeds drop with increasing distance, which means if you do plan to keep using it, you will want to place the printer close by, or at least make sure that it or the server supports 802.11n spec, which is very fast. It is supposedly fast enough to rival 100-mbps Ethernet, and that says a lot even these days.

The Printer Looking Awful Because You Use Refilled Or Manufactured Cartridges

Manufactured ink is indisputably the best kind to go with. Where third-party products could save you money at the outset, they could make things go ugly for the printer, sometimes even literally. If you have cheap inks which you are using and they are having this effect, then it is best to switch right off. There are some which leave close to four in ten of the ink unused, and these are mostly third-party brands. Printer manufacturers might charge you exorbitantly, but with them you at least know what you are getting.

If you face any issues with your printer that are hard to deal with, then get in touch with us over phone or email, and we will help you get things back on track. Our techs are available 24/7 to get you past whatever hitch you may be experiencing.