The Most Common Laser Printer Problems

Prints Come Out Spotty, Light, or with Horizontal Lines

The Most Common Laser Printer Problems

Printer Not Responding

Common Printer Issues

Like any other mechanical device, laser printers also undergo faulty states and produce some strange results. Each laser printer model is unique and may develop faults due to different reasons. Below is a discussion on the common problems like printer not responding that occurs with such printers and their likely sources.

Fuzzy Print

The laser printer sometimes produces fuzzy prints. This happens when the printer letters are not as sharp-edged as usual. This is not an issue with the printer, but the paper. It could happen when you print on damp paper. Paper is capable of absorbing moisture if it is exposed to the air for a long time. Try and find fresh and wrapped paper and use it for prints.

Fuzzy/Faint White Lines

In case the pages printed have a fuzzy white line along with it where the print is not present, this is probably due to the presence of a dirty corotron. To resolve this, you may have to open the printer carefully first. Now look for the presence of dust from the paper or particles from the toner that might be present on the corotron. These prevent the toner from being attracted to the photoreceptor to the paper. Follow the user manual carefully and clean the corotron. In most of the small printers, the corotron wire should be gently wiped using cotton bud or with a corotron tool meant especially for cleaning. Keep in mind that the corotron wires are extremely delicate. Handle them very carefully while cleaning to prevent them from breaking.

Sharp White Lines

In case you find a clear white line reaching all the way to the bottom of the page where the print ends, there is possibly a blockage inside the developer unit. This must be stopping the small region on the developer roller from accepting the receiving toner. Check the developer roller if you can and ensure if there are any lines with no toner on them. Certain printers are susceptible to this issue. Therefore, they provide a tiny cleaning tool which can be slid along the gap separating the developer roller and blade. Sometimes, it might be possible to remove the blockage by gradually sliding the edge of a sheet of paper along the gap between blades and developer roller. If the developer unit can be removed, lift it out and shake it from one side to the other.

The above are some of the most common problems encountered by laser printers. Make sure you follow these instructions strictly.

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