Some Common Laser Printer Toner Issues

HP Printer Problems
HP Printer Problems

HP Printer Problems

Everyone who uses a laser printer may have faced some sort of toner issues due to which the printer wont print or will create some kind of printing issues. Toners are the equivalent of ink in inkjet printers. Many times it can be frustrating and annoying because it will be hard to determine what is causing the problem. So, here we will examine some toner problems and explain how to fix them; read on to know more.

Low Toner Error

Sometimes when you install a new toner cartridge and try to print it will give a low toner error, and you might be surprised. Occasionally your system gives unreliable printer error messages and you can ignore it. In this case, going for a hard reset will solve the issue and for this follow the guidelines that are given in the manual provided by the manufacturer or it will be available in their official website. You can also opt for calling the manufacturer’s product support number as well.

Fuser Error

A fuser is required for a laser printer as it fuses the toner with the paper and issues with it gives fuser error. Like other important parts of a printer like the drum unit, the fuser will require replacing and big manufacturers say that it has a lifespan of 100,000 prints. Usually the printer wont print when it shows this error.

We will examine fuser errors for HP printer problems and there are different types of errors.

Printer Wont Print

Printer Wont Print

50.2 fuser warm-up service error: It happens when the thermistors of the printer fails to give accurate temperature reading of the fuser.

50.3 and 50.9 fuser high temperature error: It indicate that the printer is overheating. This can be due to several reasons like if you use thicker paper for long printing sessions it can cause overheating. This is because the fuser has to be heated to fuse the toner to the paper, so prolonged printing can overheat it.

50.4 faulty fuser error: It happens due to a faulty fuser and it can be resolved by installing a new one.

50.5 fuser inconsistency error: This error happens when you insert a fuser that is not supported by the particular model.

50.6 open fuser error: This error indicates that the AC power required to warm up the fuser is not completing the circuit inside it or the current is being cut from the power supply.

These are some of the common laser printer toner issues that you normally come across.

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