Print Server Management Tips Before Print Server Migration

My Printer is not Printing

Print Server Management Tips Before Print Server Migration

Printer Not Responding

Print Server Management Tips

Print server management is something that is not easy to achieve. Every day, a large number of organizations try to upgrade their print atmosphere by adding a new print server. Theoretically, print servers should be easy to fix in the event of printer not responding issues. On the other hand, there are many other troubles involved while managing them. There are different types of print servers and they can be very different from each other. Hence, it is essential to have a wide overview of the print servers and the processes involved in print server migration. Below is a discussion on the necessary steps you need to remember before you begin.

Find The Operating System For Each Client

This is a crucial step as you may have to download the proper drivers for all the server and client systems which will use the same print server to print. Always remember to have a distinction between 32- and 64-bit drivers. Even if one of the drivers is incompatible, the driver stands a chance of crashing.

Print One Configuration Page Allocated For Each Printer

You have to be familiar with the model, manufacturer, system language, and install options for every printer linked to the above print server. This will help you to pick the right driver and easily re-configure the settings according to the printer.

Run A Triple-Check Of Your Drivers

Print servers usually have common printer drivers grouped with them. However, if you use the custom drivers or if the manufacturer has provided updated drivers, you may have to find and get them. Bear in mind that any possible incompatibilities with the printer, the driver, their print server, or even the client operating system might stop the printing process completely as you wonder about the factors that went wrong.

Name Every Printer

Each printer has to be given a unique name. In case you fail in doing this, it will be difficult to separate between these at the time of troubleshooting.

Pick And Name The Share

Users are required to insert or choose the name to link with the shared printer. Hence, you should name it something you can remember distinctly. Remember to keep it short as clients usually report trouble when the name has more than eight characters.

Make sure you complete and check that the above steps are carried out before you start the process of print server migration

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