Print File Setup Mistakes

My Printer is not Printing

Print File Setup Mistakes

Printer Not Printing

Common Printer Issues

The print industry has made several advances in technology in recent times. The possibilities of printing have expanded making jobs easier across various sectors. Sometimes, things do go wrong and you need to be handy with the right solution to be able to fix the error. Below is a discussion on some of the most common Print File Setup Mistakes apart from printer not printing errors.

Using Low-Resolution Graphics

This is the most commonly encountered problem while printing artworks or graphics. Images and illustrations print best when they are used in the 300ppi form. Those that are acquired from the web do not make the best quality prints

Forgetting To Add Bleeds

While printing a piece of paper which uses color along its edge, an extra margin is trimmed off the edge. This is called adding bleeds. Without bleeds, the thin white paper could make it into the final print image, destroying the print. It is advisable to check the bleeds before going on to print the final work.

Setting Up Files To An Incorrect Size

Your art may be in the right size, but your artboard also has to match the dimensions of the former. The final PDF reads the dimensions of the artboard before printing. Therefore, make sure you set your artboard to be exactly the same dimensions as you want your art to be before printing.

Setting Print Files Up To RGB Instead Of CMYK

Much software has the memory of your previous work and repeats the settings after you complete the next work. In case you were working on something related to onscreen display, make sure you change it to CMYK before printing a file. This is hard to remember and you might miss it on some occasions. Make sure you check the color values before you hit the print button if you do not want to repeat the whole process again.

Not Using Rich Black For Black Graphics

Within the color settings, there is another important change you have to make before ensuring a smooth print. You have to change the black color to rich black before printing. While using your common software, it is common to click the default black before printing. This will give a black print, but the printer does not print pure rich black as one might expect. Change the black to rich black settings before you print

There are several possibilities that you may not receive a print of the expected quality. Make sure you use the above recommendations to rectify any errors that may occur while printing.

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