How To Print Quickly By Solving Printer Problems Quickly?

Printer Won’t Print
Printer Won’t Print

Printer Won’t Print

We are thankful for technology until it stops working. The same can be said about printing. This is particularly true when you are in a queue in the office to print a much-needed document. If you have ever faced this situation, you should read this article. This article is about how to improve printing quickly by tackling common printing problems.

Printing Is Taking Time

You know when something is slow, especially your printer. Printers usually do not take much time and you can easily guess when you have been waiting for 10 mins for 5 pages to print. The cause of slow printing can be excessive memory usage, choice of driver, or high-resolution setting.

Firstly, high-resolution pictures take time to be processed by the computer and the printer. So, if you are not looking for a print of gallery grade pictures, you can improve the printing speed by reducing the resolution. However, if your work includes producing pictures of good quality, then you stick to high-resolution prints. Secondly, you can switch from duplex to simplex to save time even though it requires more paper.

Paper Jams

There is no fixed reason for paper jams. However, this simple problem can be fixed quickly if you follow the instructions in the guide. Since it is a frequent issue, printer manufacturers include a video guide with their product. Or you can easily find the video on Youtube.

Firstly, inspect the path of the paper and take out any stuck paper. See to it that no part of the paper is stuck between the rollers. Apply enough pressure and check the guide for clear guidance. Secondly, if the jam was caused by misalignment of the paper, reposition it correctly before printing.

Poor Quality Prints

Printer Not Responding

Printer Not Responding

If you waited for half an hour for a print that has spots or faded words, you are in trouble. Poor quality of prints is commonly due to an error in setting or cartridge issues.

Firstly, check whether the toner or inkjet cartridge for damage. Low ink levels can also lead to low printing quality. Secondly, to stop smudge marks, print several papers till the mark disappears.

Printer Won’t Print

The printer not responding is frustrating more than unproductive. You have no clue what’s happening! However, this is a common problem, there are many reasons why it could happen.

Firstly, check whether you have assigned the print to the right printer. Secondly, make sure there is enough paper in the tray. Thirdly, try restarting your printer.

These snags will help you solve common printer problems in no time.

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