How to Fix PDF Printing Issues in Windows

Troubleshooting Printing Problems

How to Fix PDF Printing Issues in Windows

Common Printer Issues

Cannot Print PDF

The first thing to do to solve a printing problem is to find the source of that issue. The following troubleshooting methods solve some common PDF document printing problems. If you cannot print PDF, then just try any of these possible solutions to fix it.

Check the Connection to Your Printer

If you cannot print another document or this page, follow the below steps to check the connection to the device.

  • Ensure the cable connecting your printer to your PC is not loose.
  • If your printer’s cable is connected to a USB hub, then disconnect it from the hub. After that, connect the cable to a USB port of your PC.
  • Turn your printer off. Wait for 30 seconds before turning it back on.
  • Retry printing the PDF file.

Update the Printer Driver

Do it if you are not using the latest driver. Printer manufacturers provide updated printer drivers to make compatibility with newer programs better. Go to the printer manufacturer’s site, and search for the page of drivers. Find the right driver for your printer model, then download and install it in your PC following the manufacturer’s instructions. After that, reboot your PC.

Try Printing to another Printer

If a different printer is connected to your PC, then try printing the PDF file to that printer. For this, you need to configure your new printer as the default one. For that, follow the below steps.

  • Press the Windows key, click to open Devices and Printers from the Start This should bring up a new window.
  • In the window, right-click on the printer you want to use and select the Set as Default option from the shortcut menu

Set As Default Printer.

If the above two methods do not help fix the issue, then it may have to do with the file itself.

PDF File Solutions

Printing issues often stem from problems with the PDF document. Even when a PDF file looks fine on the screen, it can have corrupt or incomplete data.

Try to “Print as Image”

This process can lead to fonts and images looking slightly rougher, particularly at the edges. You can still specify the resolution to suit your preferences.

  • Confirm whether your printer is on and connected to the network. If required, print a different document.
  • Open the problem document, select File, click Printer and click on the Advanced
  • In the Advanced Print Setup dialog box, choose the Print as Image Besides, specify the required print resolution.

Advanced Printer Settings

  • Click on the OK button to close the dialog box, and click OK again to print.

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