How to Fix a Print Failure in Word

How to Fix a Print Failure in Word

Printer Not Printing

Common Printer Issues

This post suggests ways to diagnose and solve issues when you are not able to print a Word document. If your printer not printing the file, avoid making assumptions about why the issue happens, but rely on a systematic troubleshooting approach to determine the cause. Use these steps to help find out the cause of the printing problem.

Test Print Other Files

Damaged files or documents containing damaged fonts or graphics, can lead to printing errors in Microsoft Word. Before reinstalling drivers or MS Word, test whether the program can print documents. To do this, follow these steps (applicable for Word 2007).

  1. Open a new document in Word, type =rand(10) on its first line and press the Enter This will insert ten paragraphs of sample content.
  2. Now, try printing this sample document.
  3. If it prints successfully, then try changing the font, or inserting clip art, a drawing object or a table.

To change the existing font to a different one, do as per the following.

  • Press Ctrl and A keys to select the sample text.
  • Select the Home tab at the top, and choose a different font from the list of fonts.

To add clip art, follow the steps mentioned hereunder.

  • Select the Insert tab, and then click on Clip Art.
  • Leave the Search for box on the right side blank, and press Enter. If you are doing this for the first time, a “Microsoft Clip Organizer” will appear prompting you to click Yes or No. Click Yes to get a collection of clip arts on the task pane at the right side of the window. Click on any picture, and select Insert from the pop-up menu.
  • Click on the x sign to close the task pane of Clip Art.

To add a table in the document, follow these steps.

  • Choose the Insert tab, click on Table, and select Insert Table.
  • Key in the number of rows and columns you want, and click on the OK

To add a drawing object, do the following.

  • Click on Insert, and select the Shapes Cannot see this option? Just press Alt, N, S and H keys at the same time. Then, just double-click on any shape from the available bunch.
  1. Retest the print function.

If the printer not printing the document, or if the program cannot print a particular type of graphic or font, proceed to the next step.

Test Print in Other Applications

Some printing issues affect only Microsoft Word, but others affect many Windows-based software programs.

The following steps can help you determine whether this issue pertains to software other than MS Word.

Test Print in WordPad

  • Press the Windows key, type WordPad in the search box of the Start menu and open the program from the search result.
  • Key in “This is a test” in the document.
  • Then, press Ctrl and P keys simultaneously, and press Alt and P at once to print the file.

Print A Document

If you find that the issue happens only with certain graphics images or fonts, check whether it occurs in WordPad inserted with these elements.

The method to change the font is the same in WordPad as in MS Word.

To add a graphics image, follow these steps.

  • Click on the Insert Object icon on the Home tab of WordPad. Then do as per the following.
  • To add a graphics image to the document, select the checkbox Create from File, click on Browse and open it from the file location in your PC.

After you complete testing in WordPad, then you can check the print function in your browser and other MS Office software. You can also test print a document in the following way to check your printer. To check whether your printer is the source of the problem, do the following.

  • Click on Start, and click to open Devices and Printers. This will bring up a new window.
  • In that window, right-click on the icon of your printer and choose Properties from the shortcut menu.
  • Under the General tab, find and click on Print Test Page.

Print Text Page

When you cannot print this page or print in many Windows-based applications, you likely have a network printer not printing, or a problem with the driver, Windows or connectivity. You need to troubleshoot the issue, depending on which of those is the root cause. To find this out, you will need to rely on trial and error.

If the issue is limited to one particular font, then a damaged file is perhaps the cause. If this is the case, you will likely need to remove and reinstall that font.

Check the Word Settings and Program Files

After verifying that the printing issue is not limited to one particular printer driver or document or MS Word, test the program by starting it with the default settings.

If the issue continues to happen, then run Microsoft Office Diagnostics to reinstall the damaged or missing program files. To run it, follow these steps.

  • Open MS Word.
  • Click on the Microsoft Office icon to the top left, and select Word Options from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on Resources, select Diagnose, and follow the onscreen instructions.

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