Common Printing Job Mistakes to Avoid

Common Printing Job Mistakes to Avoid

Printer Does Not Print

Common Printing Job Mistakes

The printer is undoubtedly one of the most important tools that you may use at your workplace. While these devices are extremely helpful, it may sometimes test your patience with some annoying and frustrating snags. This may get particularly maddening if you have to suffer a loss in your job because of these errors. In fact, most printer users are likely to experience some hurdles. Worry not; making some printing job mistakes is absolutely fine. After all, people learn from their mistakes and you will be able to tackle it in a better way the next time.

Still, some people tend to make certain printing job mistakes frequently even if it can be easily avoided with some simple tactics and knowledge. Most veterans in the field recommend the newbie printer users to learn about the potential pitfalls and the ways to tackle it even before they start using their printer. On a related note, being forewarned means being prepared. If you are wondering about those common printing job mistakes that you must be warned about, two of those options are listed below.

Incorrect paper loading

In most workplaces, there will be an employee who is dedicated to loading the papers in the printers. In other words, if a printing work is delayed or disrupted because of incorrectly loaded papers, this person will be held responsible. Usually, only experienced people will be hired for this job and hence, the chances for mistakes are less. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the employees to inform the paper loading person if the paper tray is empty. However, if your company does not employ a person exclusively for paper loading task, all the employees must learn the right way to load paper to the printers. Otherwise, you are likely to experience ‘printer not printing’ error.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Most offices employ Wi-Fi enable printers for hassle-free workflow. However, this is a double-edged blade. On the one hand, you can easily connect to your device anywhere at your office without literally going to it. On the other hand, since you will not be able to see the connection for real, it will be nearly impossible for you to identify the poor signal strength or connection errors unless you troubleshoot it. In such cases, instead of complaining that your printer does not print, try restarting your computer or printer to tackle it. Plus, ensure that the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities of your electronic system are operational.

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