Common Printer Errors And Their Solutions

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Printer Not Printing

Common Printer Issues

Printers are very helpful in today’s world. However, they are also subject to errors very commonly. The delay could be worth a lot in terms of profit and it is essential to be able to fix them quickly. Below is a discussion on the most common printer issues and their solutions.

The Printer Takes Too Much Time

Sometimes your dear project might come to a halt due to the malfunctioning printer. The slow print might be a result of memory issue, high-resolution setting, or choice of drivers.


High-resolution images take up more data for the printer to process the information. This may cause slow print times. In case you do not need gallery quality, you can select normal, standard, or draft mode for documents. You can switch back to the premium quality when you want to print for formal presentations and other requirements. If large quality images are needed frequently, you can add more memory to your system to keep the printer working smoothly.

Workflow Logjam

The most common printer trouble is the paper getting jammed in the printer.


You can use the control panel instructions or user guide to get you through this issue. Certain Xerox printers are fitted with video assistance. There are lighted interiors to make you see the jammed trouble easily and to help you solve the issue quickly. You can inspect the paper path and get the jammed paper out. In case the paper is stuck between the rollers, follow the guide to release the pressure carefully. If it is the misaligned paper causing the jam, remove the tray and ensure the correct position of the paper and reseat the tray.

Really Poor Looking Prints

If you have a printer not printing good quality images, they will not serve the purpose they are meant for. The printer might be operating fine, but the prints might be of very poor quality. Certain smudges and the low quality of the images make the print unfit for use.


Analyze your print driver to ensure that you have inserted the right paper and media. Further, check twice and ensure that the loaded paper matches the specification selected in the printer driver. Certain laser printers have an adjustment option with the fuser. If you can check and adjust your fuser manually, do it. Keep in mind that fusers get very hot. Therefore exercise caution.

Above are some of the most common printer issues and their solutions. Make sure you follow them quickly to get the printer fixed.

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