Things To Know About HostSailor’s DDoS Protection Service

A hacker diverts much fake web traffic to a site to make the server that hosts it weaker up to the time it becomes inaccessible. This situation is known as a DDoS attack. It is not possible to mitigate or defend against this attack without proper measures in place. This is why you will need to be on a DDoS protection plan for your website.

You can purchase the protection service as part of your web hosting package. Web hosting is a service that involves storing your website’s files on a server to allow customers to access it. HostSailor provides some web hosting and related technical solutions, including the DDoS protection service. The company introduced the service for the websites hosted on its Romania servers and then started offering it for the Netherlands-based servers of it.

It is important to protect your website’s information against these cyber threats to confirm that it has maximum uptime. If yours is an online store or e-commerce site, you would like to have the greatest possible uptime to keep it accessible always. Anyone who knows the significance of its accessibility, including your business rival, could try to bring your website down with bogus traffic.

There is no other method to confirm that it remains available than to keep the attack from happening with DDoS protection. Nowadays, people are doing more ecommerce transactions than in the past. So for every ecommerce business, it is important to be sure that customers are able to access its website most of the time. This is why companies such as HostSailor recommend buying hosting packages that come with DDoS protection.

The DDoS threats come in all sizes and shapes. Anyhow, the malicious purpose of every DDoS attack is to render that target site inaccessible or at least slow it. This is where the web host comes into play. The company claims that it can protect your website from layer 3, layer 4, and layer 7 DDoS attacks. The service is offered for no extra cost to its web hosting plan customers for the attack traffic that ranges up to 20 Gbps. This free feature will defend each website hosted on its servers against layers 3 and 4 attacks.

Besides the protection service, the web host guarantees to give a 99.9% uptime, and it will make each site accessible all the time.

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